BUY NOW $500 TO $1000



Build it the way you like it.

1. Choosing the Parts

This is so important. And I can’t stress this enough… 

CHOOSE WISLEY. If you are going to build up the bike of 

your dreams, you need to be patient and get exactly what 

you want. With that being said, you need to have a rough 

idea of what you want.


Even before I had the money to buy a full complete bike, 

I’d play with part customizers and try different colors. 

It’s cool to see what your bike would look like with tiny 

changes. This part is pretty hard because certain parts are only 

available in certain colors. Nothing is more frustrating 

than having gloss black as your theme and then only being 

able to find a flat black part.


A lot of bmx riders aim for less than 25 lbs when building 

a complete bike. The completes that you buy come close to 

25 or 26. So building one for less is fully achievable. 

Please don’t just buy the lightest parts and throw it together. 

Unless you have a lot of money to test and replace.

Instead, find parts that are the specs that you want and then 

compare quality and weight. I did this with my first complete. 

I just bought the lightest parts…. and let me tell you. 

I broke 2 frames in 4 months. Granted they were light. Just not cheap.

At the bottom of the page, I will leave a download link for 

a spreadsheet that lets you fill out the parts, cost, and weight. 

This will give you a rough estimate of how much it weighs and 

how much it will cost.

Weight Tips

Stay away from hollow

usually hollow = light. But it snaps a lot easier. Just read up on 

reviews when looking at a hollow part. People will usually say if 

it’s any good or not.

Titanium is good It’s so expensive but it is really good. I ride a 

lot of titanium  and haven’t had many problems. Check the Tires 

Surprisingly, tires can consume a lot of weight. So double-check 

your tire weight and see if there is a cheaper and better option.


To me, this is the most important part when building a bike. 

If you plan to spend thousands of dollars, you should get a 

bike perfectly tailored to you. It’s like buying a suit that 

doesn’t fit. Who would do that?

A complete bmx bike has so many different specs and it took 

me over 5 years to actually understand what each thing means. 

What is upsweep? What does chain stay mean? 

Do I need a 48mm stem or a 52?

The truth is, it is impossible to answer all of these questions 

without knowing your height, riding style, and preferences.

2. Buying the Parts

Now the easy part. Once you have picked out the parts you want, 

ORDER THEM. Wanna know how I saved $250 when buying my complete? 

I waited until rocketcitybmx had a 15% coupon. Patience will always win.

I’m not sure if they still do coupons. They used to even do 20% once 

a year or so. Here’s the secret though. When you are spending this 

much money, the bike shops love it. Most will do a 10% discount or 

so on custom purchases. Just call and say something like 

“Hey! I’m looking at spending $1500 on a custom complete. 

I know what parts I want and I was just wondering what kind 

of discount I could have if I bought them all from you?”

Chances are they will help you out just for supporting their shop. 

Maybe money is tight and they can’t afford to help you out. 

I’m sure they would be able to get you some gear and stickers for free.

If they won’t work with you, keep trying to find a shop that will. 

Remember, you are making them a lot of money.

Remember: Check multiple stores and find the one that has the parts 

for the best price! Usually, the prices are pretty consistent around all shops.

 But you never know

3. Building the Bike

The final step is putting that bad boy together. 

This is such a fun process because everything will come in a huge box. 

Each opened box will contain more boxes. 

After everything is open you need to put it all together. 

This really is a job for an experienced rider.